Houston Business Attorney

Houston Business Attorney

Having the right Houston business lawyer helps your business in many ways.

The Curley Law Firm offers dedicated and comprehensive legal services to business entities and individuals at all stages of the business cycle.

Business issues may occur at different times. Matters may be minor or have the potential to create catastrophic consequences for your business.

Consulting with a business lawyer in Houston provides options and solutions for simple and complex business matters.

With over a decade of legal experience, The Curley Law Firm offers personalized solutions for unique and common business scenarios. 

Overview of The Curley Law Firm Services 

The Curley Law Firm provides effective legal representation to clients for various general business law issues. Adam Curley’s practice includes representing both business entities and individuals in litigation and transactional business issues. 


A contract is a promise or set of promises between two or more parties that the law will enforce. Using a sample template contract for your business instead of consulting with a Houston business lawyer leaves you and your business vulnerable to potential lawsuits down the road. 

For a contract to be valid, the following elements must be present: 

  • An offer by one party; 
  • An exchange of goods or services, commonly referred to as consideration; 
  • Acceptance of the terms of the offer; 
  • A meeting of the minds, referring to understanding between the parties as to the terms of the contract; and
  • In many cases, a signed and written agreement between the parties.

Contract disputes arise when contract terms are unclear. Additionally, when contract terms leave gaps in the terms, conflicts occur. Avoid potential contract disputes by hiring a Houston business lawyer to draft a contract protecting your interests. 

Business Formation

Determining the best entity for your business is crucial to its success. Choosing the right business entity affects administration, management, tax consequences, and liability issues.

Adam Curley understands the various entities and can help you determine the best structure for your business. Once apprised of your business’s specific needs, Adam can provide you with extensive knowledge and legal advice most advantageous for your business.

There are several possible entity structures you may consider. 

Sole proprietorship 

A sole proprietorship is the simplest of all business entities due to the ease of set-up and low start-up costs. However, the sole proprietor is financially responsible for all gains and losses of the business.

Businesses conducted under an assumed name must file an assumed name certificate.

The assumed name certificate should be filed with the county where the business premises is maintained. If there are no business premises, then you need to complete an assumed name certificate in all counties where you conduct business.

Partnerships and limited partnerships

A general partnership is the most common type of partnership. A general partnership consists of two or more parties agreeing to form a business. As with a sole proprietorship, all parties in a partnership bear complete financial responsibility for the partnership’s gains and losses.

A limited partnership has limited partners and general partners. General partners share equally in the gains and losses of the partnership. Limited partners’ liability for the debts of the partnership never extend further than their initial contribution. Therefore, the limited partners enjoy liability protection in a limited partnership. 

Limited liability company

A limited liability company, or LLC, possesses attractive features of both a partnership and a corporation. The owners of an LLC are called members. Like limited partners in a limited partnership, the liability of members in an LLC is limited to their initial contribution.

Additionally, members enjoy the same pass-through treatment of income for tax purposes that applies to partnerships and S-corporations. In many cases, the members manage the LLC. The operating agreement details the management structure of an LLC.


A corporation is a legal entity distinct from its owners. Creating a corporation requires filing a certificate of formation with the Texas Secretary of State. The main advantage of a corporate entity is the shield it provides owners from personal liability.

However, there are tax consequences for corporations, such as double taxation. If your business meets certain qualifications, you can avoid these consequences by forming an S-corporation rather than a C-corporation. 

Business Disputes 

Houston Business lawyer

Disagreements may arise when operating a business. Some disputes possess the potential to be financially devastating to any business.

Adam Curley is ready to assist businesses through simple and complex disputes. Adam Curley provides clients with personalized legal representation and possesses extensive experience in business litigation matters. 

Business litigation involves entities and individuals. Each type of dispute requires a carefully planned approach and in-depth consultation with a Houston business lawyer. Multiple circumstances can cause business disputes, including:

  • Breach of contract;
  • Shareholder litigation;
  • Business fraud;
  • Termination and buyout disputes;
  • Employment disputes;
  • Contract interference;
  • Business torts; and
  • Insurance claims.

The complexity of business litigation has the potential to cause significant disruption to your business’s daily operations. Investing in the legal guidance of a Houston business attorney is essential to resolving matters efficiently and protecting your interests. 

Why Hire a Houston Business Lawyer

An experienced Houston business lawyer can help you with all of your business’s legal needs. A lawyer can guide you in selecting the right entity for your business and getting your business up and running.

Further, working with a business attorney in Houston ensures your business operates smoothly by maintaining functionality and compliance.

Your attorney can also help with personnel issues, disputes with vendors,  contract disputes, and all other legal issues impacting your business. Consulting with a business lawyer ensures minimal interruption to your business operations as you confront these issues.

Why Hire Adam Curley

With over a decade of legal experience, attorney Adam Curley has dedicated his career to assisting clients with a wide array of business-related matters.

He has helped clients resolve contract disputes, employment issues, premise liability disputes, and other legal issues arising in the field of business law. Adam Curley possesses experience with both small and large businesses. No business matter is too complicated or too simple.

While some legal issues involving your business may be unavoidable, regular consultation with a business lawyer saves you and your business money down the line. To schedule a case evaluation, contact Adam Curley today.