Houston Business Lawyer

My name is Adam Curley. I am a Houston business lawyer who helps my clients plan, preserve, and protect their businesses.

I’ve spent a large part of my career working for “big law,” and I bring that experience to the table working today for my small and medium sized business and start-up entrepreneur clients.

I believe that relationships are at the heart of a successful practice. Along with my familiarity with Houston’s legal community, I make it my priority to form relationships with local professionals, judges, and administrative staff in Houston and the surrounding cities and counties.  

My family and my practice are based here in The Heights in Houston, Texas. My office is centrally located and a convenient place for me to meet with my clients and serve their needs.

Your success is my success—let’s get started today.

Meet Attorney Adam Curley

Adam Curley is the founder and lead attorney at The Curley Law Firm. His practice includes representing business entities and individuals in a broad array of litigation and transactional matters. Mr. Curley’s litigation practice includes evaluating  and resolving resolution commercial disputes for both large and small clients.

In his ten years of practice, he has helped clients resolve contract disputes, employment issues, premise liability disputes, and other general legal issues that arise in various business contexts. Learn more about Adam.


How Adam Curley Can Help Your Business

Adam Curley brings a wealth of experience from his time in big law to his current law practice, helping small to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs thrive in competitive markets. Here are some of the ways Adam can assist you as a Houston business lawyer: 

  • Business formation and strategy. From selecting the proper business structure to drafting foundational agreements, Adam ensures your business starts on solid legal footing.
  • Contract law and transactions. Adam drafts, reviews, and negotiates contracts that protect your business interests in various transactions, preventing future disputes.
  • Risk management and compliance. By identifying potential legal risks early on, Adam helps you devise strategies to mitigate these. Identifying these risks ensures long-term compliance and stability.
  • Litigation and dispute resolution. Should disputes arise, Adam represents your business in negotiations and court, striving for outcomes that favor your business objectives.
  • Intellectual property protection. Through comprehensive IP strategies and registration, Adam helps secure your business’s innovations and brands.
  • General counsel services. Acting as your outsourced legal department, Adam and his legal team provide ongoing counsel to navigate your business’s day-to-day legal issues.

Adam’s approach is all about building lasting relationships and providing legal services that are not just reactive but proactive. By focusing on comprehensive legal health, he positions his clients for success and growth.


When to Hire a Houston Business Lawyer

Navigating the complexities of business law without skilled guidance can be challenging. It’s also risky. Engaging a business lawyer like Adam Curley early in your business journey is wise, even before legal challenges arise. Proactive legal planning can prevent costly disputes and ensure your business complies with all relevant laws and regulations. Whether you’re just starting a business, negotiating contracts, or looking to expand, having a seasoned attorney by your side is crucial to safeguard your interests and secure your business’s future.


My Houston Business Law Firm Practices

My business law firm exists to help Houston-area individuals and businesses with all areas of business formation, development, and conflict.  I have always believed in a client-focused, results-oriented approach.  As my practice has developed, I have found that many of my clients also need advice and expertise in areas outside their immediate business needs. For example, I also offer will drafting and estate planning services.

My legal services include but are not limited to:

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