Outside General Counsel in Houston, TX

Outside General Counsel in Houston, TX to Help Guide Your Business

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Businesses often have day-to-day legal issues that arise, but the issues that need to be reviewed or considered do not rise to the level of retaining a full-time in-house attorney as part of your staff.

The Curley Law Firm has experience acting as the general and in-house counsel for several of its clients.  Attorney Adam Curley works closely with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their legal needs and issues that arise on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

What is Outside General Counsel?

Many small and medium businesses do not possess the resources to hire a dedicated in-house general counsel for legal matters that may occur. Hiring outside general counsel is an efficient and cost-effective option for small and medium businesses to avail themselves of an experienced attorney. Outside general counsel performs many roles. 

Legal advisor

As legal advisor to a business, the outside general counsel understands their client business operations. Counsel identifies potential legal issues, researches existing legal issues, and provides compliance guidelines to employees and upper management. 


Outside general counsel also provides necessary legal services for businesses, including contract drafting and review, employment contract drafting and analysis, and federal and state compliance for entities including LLCs, partnerships, and corporations.

Legal Representative 

In the event a business is involved in a legal matter, outside general counsel serves as the legal representative for the business. If a business is dealing with a specified legal issue, outside general counsel manages the case and outsources issues to attorneys specializing in areas such as employment, real estate, and insurance law.  

What Type of Legal Services Should Be Outsourced? 

Small and medium businesses can benefit from outsourcing general counsel if they are not financially situated to pay for a dedicated in-house general counsel. Examples of legal services that can be outsourced are the following:

  • Administration, such as document review, legal transcription, and claim processing;
  • Research and legal analysis for potential and present issues existing for the business; 
  • Representing the business in all phases of litigation when the business is involved in a legal dispute; and
  • Reviewing and drafting contracts.

Regardless of the legal issues your business may be facing, outside general counsel work expeditiously toward resolution on these matters.

What Can Curley Law Firm Do For You?

The Curley Law Firm, acting as outside general counsel, participates in a variety of activities for its clients, including:

  • Reviewing licensing and state and federal reporting guidelines;
  • Reviewing and revising employment manuals and contracts;
  • Reviewing and negotiating licensing agreements, vendor agreements, and other contracts;
  • Drafting, revising, and updating corporate governance documents;
  • Counseling on the various fiduciary duties and liabilities that arise in many business contexts;
  • Litigation, arbitration, and risk management review; and
  • Leasing and commercial real estate purchases.

As outside general counsel, The Curley Law Firm serves as a strategic partner with businesses to consult on the many legal issues that arise and need analytical legal review.

We understand the business operations of our clients and work quickly to identify potential legal issues they may face. Serving as outside general counsel, we efficiently and effectively assist our clients on the path to achieving their goals. 

Contact Adam Curley today to discuss how The Curley Law Firm can act as your general outside counsel. You can contact the firm by phone at 832.225.3448 or by email.