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One of the most often overlooked steps when forming a new business or getting a new idea off the ground is getting the right legal paperwork in place from the start. Creating bylaws, an operating agreement, or a company agreement is a crucial first step in making sure your company gets off on the right foot.

An experienced Houston LLC lawyer can help you navigate the Texas Business Organizations Code to ensure you form your new business correctly.

Business Structures

By identifying objectives and liabilities, a qualified business formation attorney helps you pick the structure that best fits your needs and goals.  A company in Texas can take on various forms, and each form has different strengths.

For example:

  • Sole proprietorships are ideal for simple businesses where you own all your assets.
  • Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability
  • Use Partnerships where individuals want to share profits and losses while limiting the risk partners take on.
  • Corporations and S Corporations are the best forms for shareholder-owned businesses run by managers and a board of directors overseeing your operations.
  • Limited Liability Companies let you pick and choose elements of various entities to best suit your tax or business needs.
  • Professional Limited Liability Companies are a special structure reserved for certain professional services groups.

Regardless of the entity structure you choose, an experienced business formation attorney can help you:

  • Generate the appropriate paperwork to file,
  • Lay the initial groundwork for how your new entity will operate, and
  • Identify licensing or regulatory issues you need to be aware of for your industry or business.

Are you forming a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, LLP or PLLC?  The Curley Law Firm can help.

The Curley Law Firm has experience helping both large and small companies get off the ground with the right formation documents.

Adam Curley helps companies review their foundational corporate documents to determine if they need to be modified, updated, or rewritten to take advantage of changes in the law. Even if you need advice on what entity may be best for your great new idea, The Curley Law Firm’s experienced attorney can help.

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