Posted by: Apr 14, 2023

How to Start a Moving Company in Texas

Starting a Texas moving company can be a great business for a savvy entrepreneur. Even with rising interest rates, the Texas real estate market is still booming. This means that there is a demand for moving services throughout the state of Texas.

However, you will need to know how to start a moving company in Texas. You will want to devise a strong business plan, pick out a catchy name, and choose a business entity type that best suits your needs. You will also need to get the right licenses and permits to operate effectively. Let The Curley Law Firm help you put the pieces in place to get your moving company off the ground. We can help you with starting a moving company in Texas and all of your Texas business needs. Contact us today.

Develop a Business Plan For Your Texas Moving Company

You will need a good business plan to help you lay out the basics of what your moving company will do and what your costs will be. You can use your business plan to define your budget and keep track of your spending. A solid business plan will also identify what differentiates your moving company from the competition. Is it price? Is it service? Be sure you know what it is before you hit the market.

Define your goals as well as your budget and projected costs. The more achievable your goals, the better chance you have to achieve them.

Choose a Name for Your Business

Regardless of which type of business entity you choose, your Texas moving business must have a unique name, meaning it must be different from any other existing business name in the state. It also needs to follow Texas company naming guidelines. You can find out if your name is unique by searching the Texas Secretary of State’s website

Texas has other restrictions on company names beyond being unique. For instance, you cannot use words implying your business is a government agency or performs illegal work. Additionally, certain words can be used in your company’s name only if you have the appropriate professional license.

Finally, Texas disallows offensive business names. While Texas does not define what an offensive business name would be, business owners should use their best judgment and stay away from names that might offend potential customers. An experienced business formation attorney can help.

Decide on a Legal Structure for Your Texas Moving Business

In Texas, there are many ways to set up your moving company. You can choose to be a sole proprietorship, several types of partnerships, a limited liability company (LLC), or even a corporation.

LLCs are a popular choice for entrepreneurs starting a business in Texas because they offer the flexibility and pass-through taxation of a sole proprietorship but provide additional structure and governance that can help when raising capital. 

With 15 years of experience helping Texas businesses throughout their growth cycles, The Curley Law Firm can help you form and register your business entity. Contact us today to discuss how to structure your Texas moving business and how we can help. 

Apply For Licenses and Permits

When investigating how to start a moving company in Texas, you will need several different licenses, depending on how far you want to help people move. The main licenses you need include:

  • Federal license – If your company plans to offer moves from Texas to other states, you will likely need a license or permit from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).
  • State and Local Licenses – While there is no one-stop shop in Texas to determine if you will need a permit in your town, you will likely need a license from the Texas Department of Transportation if you plan to complete moves within the State of Texas. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles can help you obtain this.

You may also need licenses to operate a storage facility if you plan on holding people’s belongings as part of a move. Be sure to check your local rules and regulations before opening your doors.

You can start a small moving company with a modest moving truck. If you plan on using a large vehicle, you may need to secure an overweight/oversize load permit. As a large commercial motor vehicle driver, you must also secure a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The Department of Motor Vehicles can help there as well. 

How the Curley Law Firm Can Help with Starting a Business in Texas

Whether you need help getting started or have legal questions about your existing business, the Curley Law Firm knows how to help. We have experience in a broad range of business matters and use a client-oriented approach. Contact us today to help you with your business’s legal needs.