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vending machine business in texas

Operating vending machines can be a low-cost, high-return business or side hustle for a savvy Texas entrepreneur. All you need is a new or used vending machine, a stash of snacks, and some information about Texas vending machine rules and regulations. 

The Curley Law Firm team will explain how to start a vending machine business in Texas. We’ll help you understand how to form a business entity and what you need to know to get your vending machine business started. Contact us today.

Get Your Vending Machine Business Started Quickly

When starting a business, many entrepreneurs choose to have a Texas business lawyer help them form a business entity. Forming a Texas limited liability company (LLC) or corporation can help protect your personal assets if your vending machine business is unsuccessful. An LLC is often an excellent choice for entrepreneurs acting on their own or with one or two partners. In addition to protecting your personal assets, LLCs provide a lot of control over the company. But they limit your fundraising ability. Corporations also protect your personal assets while allowing you to raise funds to an almost unlimited extent, but they provide you less control over your own company.

These are only some reasons why having a business entity can be so important. In the event you secure a vending machine contract that goes sour or you break up with a business partner, having a business entity separating your personal finances from those of your company can be a lifesaver. Speak with a member of The Curley Law Firm team today to see how we can help you get your Texas vending machine business entity formed.

Four Steps to Starting Your Texas Vending Machine Business

Vending machines are an attractive business, bringing in nearly $7 billion in revenue in the U.S. alone. The most significant vending machine sector is the beverage sector, comprising more than half of all products sold through vending machines. Beverages are projected to grow as a share of vending machine sales through 2027. 

1. Choose Your Vending Machines

Think carefully about what vending machines you want to showcase as part of your business. Whether you buy or lease your machines, check out vending machines for sale across Texas. Often, manufacturers will heavily discount used or refurbished machines. You may be able to get a great deal on top-quality equipment.

2. Select Places to Put Vending Machines

Choosing high-traffic locations for your vending machines can help guarantee the success of your business. Vending machine operators often need to enter into vending machine contracts with property owners or business proprietors. Keep that in mind before setting your heart on a location.

3. Understand Vending Machine Rules and Compliance

Each city’s and county’s rules on vending machine operation and compliance may differ. For instance, some city parks may prohibit soda and candy machines. In other places, candy may be permitted, but soda machines are not allowed. You may even consider video game machines or vending machines where consumers can buy toiletries or electronics. Check with a knowledgeable Texas business lawyer before fully implementing your plans. The Curley Law Firm team can help you ensure that your business gets off on the right foot by checking zoning, permitting, and other laws for you before your first vending machine is installed.

4. Obtain a Vending Machine License in Texas

To properly operate your business, you may need to obtain a Texas Coin Operated Machine General Business License if you operate only non-food vending machines, like video games. If you want to operate food or beverage machines, you will want to check your city and county permit requirements. Permit requirements will also vary depending on what types of products you place in your machines. 

You’ll also have to get a license to collect sales tax. Don’t be fooled by the name “coin operated.” Even if your machines take only bills or credit cards, the licensing scheme will still apply to you. Once you have obtained the necessary licensing from the city or state, you will also be able to repair your machines yourself. 

Sometimes licensing and permitting can be confusing. If you have questions about getting started with the Texas forms, do not hesitate to contact The Curley Law firm today. Our experienced business lawyers can help you navigate the confusing world of licenses and tax registrations.

How The Curley Law Firm Can Help

Founding attorney Adam Curley helps businesses build a solid, entrepreneurial foundation. In his years in practice, Adam Curley has worked tirelessly with his clients to build lasting enterprises and resolve complex business matters.

The Curley Law Firm understands what it takes to form the right business organization for your needs. Contact the Houston LLC lawyers at The Curley Law Firm today with your business formation questions and find out how we can help you and your business.