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Business owners often make two mistakes when it comes to Houston corporate attorneys. The first is believing only big companies need corporate lawyers. The second is believing that small businesses need a corporate lawyer only when they start their business.

The truth is that all businesses—small, medium, and large—need a strong relationship with a corporate lawyer. In this guide, we will discuss what a Houston corporate lawyer does and how best to use them.

What Does a Houston Corporate Attorney Do?

A corporate attorney’s role in a business far exceeds simply forming the business with the Texas Secretary of State. In fact, that is but the initial and most simple use. A corporate lawyer participates in the entire life of a business and provides a variety of services. We touch on several of the most important roles below.

Business Formation 

Whether creating your initial business entity or a future joint venture entity with another business, a Houston corporate attorney can assist in selecting, creating, and registering that entity. In addition, they can draft the business’s governing documents and other important internal agreements between owners (e.g. joint venture agreement, shareholders’ agreement, etc.).


Your business will need to comply with the rules of several different state and federal agencies. Not only might your business need a state license to operate, but it could also require a license for specific activities (e.g., child care, food service etc.). A corporate attorney will help make sure that your business has all the proper licenses, that the licenses are current, and that the business is compliant. They can also help you with developing internal policies to ensure continued compliance with state and federal law and help you complete any reporting requirements. Compliance is an ongoing process, and failure to stay compliant may result in fines and penalties.

Deals and Contracts

Businesses are built on deals, and deals are memorialized in contracts. A corporate lawyer can help you structure each deal so that it’s fair and clear. Whether it’s an employment agreement for a new vice-president or an asset purchase agreement for a business that you are trying to acquire, using a corporate lawyer will maximize your opportunities while minimizing your risk. Further, a corporate lawyer who has been by your side from the beginning will better understand your business’s needs and be best situated to help you structure your deals and draft your contracts.

Risk Assessment

If you think about it, all your business’s transactions involve risk. This includes internal risk, such as providing a safe work environment, and external risk, such as investing in a construction project. A skilled Houston corporate attorney can give you a legal view of the commercial landscape and advise you on the best course of action. Risk assessment may simply be telling you what is at stake, or it might be structuring a detailed exit from a long relationship. However, knowing your risk is half the battle.

Dispute Resolution

Inevitably, disputes arise between businesses. When that happens, ready access to a corporate lawyer is a distinct advantage. If you have a corporate lawyer on standby, then they can act swiftly, take the dispute off your plate, and zealously protect your business’s interests.

Resource Management

The hallmark of a good Houston corporate lawyer is that they know their own limitations. Several areas of business involve legal expertise that may be beyond your corporate lawyer’s own specialization. Whether it’s a complex tax matter with the IRS or a dangerous product liability claim, a Houston corporate attorney can help identify and retain the proper legal experts to assist your business.

How to Best Use Your Corporate Lawyer

Your business is built on commercial relationships, and you have deliberately cultivated each of those relationships to your business’s benefit. The same goes for engaging Houston corporate lawyers. When your Houston corporate lawyers know you, your business, and the marketplace, they can present you with good legal counsel and the widest range of options. Therefore, corporate lawyers are most effective as a proactive tool. While they can still help you after a crisis arises, your options will be much more limited (and likely less desirable) by that time. Given all this, it’s important to engage and develop a relationship with a corporate lawyer at the time you form your business. If that opportunity is past, then be sure to seek one out at the next opportunity when you need assistance in regulatory compliance or drafting a business contract.

We Know Corporate Law

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