Posted by: Feb 26, 2022

starting lawn care business in texas

Starting a lawn care business is an exciting new venture for Texas entrepreneurs. There is a considerable demand for lawn and landscaping services all over the state. However, to legally open any new business, you must follow specific steps.

In this blog post, The Curley Law Firm team will walk you through the basic steps for starting a lawn service in Texas. As business lawyers, we’ll also provide you with information about what to watch out for when starting a lawn care business.

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What Are the Basic Steps for Starting a Lawn Care Business?

There are several steps involved in starting a lawn care business. To ensure you are running a legally compliant business, you’ll want to follow the steps below before mowing your first lawn. You certainly don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. 

Choosing How to Register a Lawn Care Business

Selecting a business structure is typically the biggest challenge facing Texas businesspeople. Should you register your business as a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation? Is it better to operate as a sole proprietorship, or would working with a partner be better for your interests?

This decision is a big decision that can impact your business taxes and potential benefits. It can also affect your taxes as a business owner.

When you are first investigating how to start a landscaping business in Texas, be sure to review the Texas Secretary of State’s helpful information about business structures.

This information can help you decide what registered business entity is right for you. And speaking with an experienced business law attorney can also help you decide which entity is most appropriate. 

Selecting a Name for Your Business

Choosing a unique name that reflects the values of your business is often more difficult than it seems. This task is often another of the significant challenges of starting a lawn care business. Be sure to check with the Secretary of State to ensure that your business name conforms to Texas business naming rules

Obtaining a Tax Identification Number 

Creating a business entity and registering your company and the name with the Secretary of State puts you well on your way to starting a lawn care business in Texas. Now, you’ll need to obtain a federal employer identification number (EIN) and Texas tax identification number (TIN).

These numbers are like a social security number for your business. They allow the government to identify your business when paying taxes and receiving benefits.

What Are Some Other Considerations When Starting a Lawn Care Business?

Now that you have set up the legal aspects of your landscaping business, there are some practical considerations to keep in mind. What follows below is a non-exhaustive list of what to think about when opening up a new lawn care business.

Opening a Business Bank Account

A business bank account keeps your business assets separate from your personal assets. When starting a lawn care business, be sure to set up accounts and credit cards in the business’s name. Keeping things separate helps shield you from liability.

Getting Proper Licenses

When starting a lawn service, you may find you need some business licenses to operate. If your lawn care business will be working with certain chemicals, you may need state or federal permits. You may also need local licenses or permits to operate any business in your area.

Check the Small Business Administration’s helpful guide to permitting, as well as your local government websites, to see what permits may apply to you. An experienced business lawyer can also help check for relevant licensing laws.

Creating a Social Media Profile

Most businesses now advertise over social media. Once you have a legally compliant business up and running in your area, be sure to create social media profiles.

A unique social media presence can help spread the word about your new landscaping and lawn care company. Just think about how you find a business for your own needs, and you’ll soon realize the critical role social media plays in a business’s success.

How The Curley Law Firm Can Help

With over a decade of business law experience, founding attorney Adam Curley has helped hundreds of firms navigate their Texas business needs. Adam’s practice focuses on Texas entrepreneurs and helping them form, grow, and steward their businesses to success. 

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